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Our story so far...

Taking on Pratis Barns in 2019 was a dream come true for us.

Entertaining has always been at the heart of our family and professional lives, and we were excited by the endless opportunities offered by this amazing place.

April - Business Starts

Our vision was to create a flexible venue where everything can be done in-house to make planning events simple. And to provide a beautiful backdrop to help our guests create special experiences that bring people together, and make memories they will treasure forever.



Patrick is nominated for, and wins, Wedding Caterer of the Year at the VOWS awards. This gives us a huge boost with our vision of bringing the food and catering all in-house at Pratis.


Paved path up to The Stables

Our first building works took place to save all the ladies’ heels! We laid a paved pathway up to The Stables to improve the access for all our guests.


Pandemic renovations

The pandemic provided some unexpected downtime for renovations, including beginning to lovingly restore Pratis House, renovating The Shed and building a new toilet block.


Back in Business

As we begin to emerge from the second lockdown in May, the wheels start turning again and we manage to hold 46 weddings in the second half of the year!


House renovation is completed

After two and a half years of work, we finally finished renovating Pratis House and welcomed the first guests in March.


New kitchen

The new kitchen installation in the venue is carried out over the early months of the year, completion just in time for the 2023 wedding season.


New dance floor and stage is built in The Byre

Bob and the team rip up the old carpet and rickety stage and lay insulation and a sprung dancefloor, as well as building a bigger and better stage. The walls are lined with reclaimed timber and the stage finished with corrugated tin sheets found on site.


Award winning Wedding venue

Pratis Barns wins the Fife & Tayside venues award at the Prestigious Your Scottish Wedding Awards (YSWA).

November 2023

What’s Next?


the team

We couldn’t do it without them

Alongside Nicola and Patrick are a team of invaluable people that keep everything at Pratis on track. Our core team is made up of Bob, Louise and Calum, but don’t forget all our happy and smiley event crews that are essential to all our events.

Bob is our onsite manager looking after all the maintenance and works that are required in all these old buildings, and of course all the mowing.

Louise is our events manager and coordinator. She will possibly be the first and last person you see, from your initial viewing through to the end of your wedding day.

Calum is our head chef and in the kitchen most of the time so you won’t necessarily get to meet him. But he’s the reason all the feedback on our food is always 5 star.

Get in touch

Call us or send us a message if you need more information. We are happy to show you around and start to plan your event.